Have a cellphone and a computer? Leave them on while videos play and earn rewards!

Would you like to earn extra money with minimal effort using two devices you already own? Of course you do! Here’s how:

Koinme – on your computer

The first website I would like to introduce you to is Koinme. Koinme is a website that plays videos while paying you in giftcards to watch. Currently Koinme is invite only but submit your email on their website and you will likely be invited to join in a few weeks time. Once you’re accepted, let the videos play to earn credits towards giftcards, it’s really that easy! And the videos play on their own!

EngagemeTV – cellphone app

The second option is using an app on your cellphone called EngagemeTV. EngagemeTV does not pay you directly through the app, instead they have partnered with other websites that pay you. Once you have installed the app on your phone you will need to link it to a website that pays you. There are several sites to choose from but the one that I found that earns the most is Earnably.

I will walk you through the three simple steps to set up the EngagemeTV app:

  • Install the EngagemeTV app from the app store.
  • Join Earnably by signing up on their website.
  • Visit the Engageme.tv website and link your Earnably account. To do this, visit Earnably and go into settings. On the settings page, there will be an area that shows your User ID. Once you have found your user ID, you will need to enter it on Engageme.tv by visiting Engageme.tv and going to your account settings. Once you have it all set up, you will be credited on Earnably after videos play on the Engagme.tv app!